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SONPUB (サンパブ)

これまでにインディー、メジャー問わず国内外の様々なレーベルでの所属/リリース経歴を持ち現在は自身のレーベル「PHOENIX PLAYERS」(since 2004)に所属。ダフトパンクカニエウエストディプロA-Trak等とのサポートアクト共演やSXSW(’09)やULTRA(’14&’17)などの国内外大型フェス出演経験を持ちBTS(防弾少年団)イエロークローダックソース等のオフィシャルリミックスを手がける。2010年開催のビートポート x Skint(UK)主催のファットボーイスリムリミックスコンペにて3位を獲得(1位はZEDD)。2013年、元船乗りであり尊敬する亡き祖父と実在する船をテーマにしたオリジナル楽曲「Dondada ft. Atsushi Horie」はクラブアンセムとしてスマッシュヒットを記録。

2014年にはソロデビュー10周年企画としてSKY-HI/リップスライム/湘南乃風/デフテック/Minmi/Zeebra/Mongol800/卍Line(窪塚洋介)などSONPUBの手がけた国内外アーティストのプロデュース&リミックス作品集「X – best works -」を発表。2015年よりThe BK Soundと共にMonster Rion(モンスターライオン)を始動させ大規模なツアーを決行、2017年夏にavexよりフルアルバム「Message」をリリース。

兼ねてから進めていたヨットを使用したクリエイティブプロジェクト兼事業「DPYC」を2018年より始動させ、2021年「Voyager feat. PES, Yo-Sea」をRelease。


BTS (防弾少年団)、香取慎吾(新しい地図/ex Smap)、SKY-HI、イエロークロー、ダックソース、ファットボーイスリム、ライムスター、リップスライム、BEAST (現在HIGHLIGHT)、湘南乃風、デフテック、Minmi、Zeebra、Mongol800、卍Line(窪塚洋介)、WISE (TERIYAKI BOYZ)、etc..


Daft Punk、Kanye West、Lee Perry、Diplo、A-Trak、Lupe Fiasco、Dillon Francis、GTA、Kill The Noise、Milo & Otis、Switch、Breakbot、Krafty Kuts、HoodBoi etc..


avex entertainment inc
Universal Music Japan
Space Shower Music
Ape Sounds®︎(A Bathing Ape’s ex label)
n records





ARTIST / DJ / PRODUCER (Songwriter / Composer / Engineer)

Artist, Music producer (songwriter, composer, engineer)/DJ, his greatest weapon is his unique “verse” that sublimates various types of dance music from electronic/alternative to Hiphop/Urban in an avant-garde manner, and a three-dimensional sound image refined down to the finest detail. He has been a member of various domestic and international labels, both indie and major, and is currently a member of his own label, PHOENIX PLAYERS (since 2004). He has performed as a support act with Daft Punk, Kanye West, Diplo, A-Trak, etc., and has appeared at major domestic and international festivals such as SXSW(’09), ULTRA(’14&’17), etc. He has been an official remix artist for BTS (Bulletproof Youth), Yellow Claw, Duck Sauce, etc. In 2010, he was a member of Beatport x Skint(2010). In 2013, he released his original track “Dondada ft. Atsushi Horie”, which is based on his late grandfather who was a former sailor and respected ship. ft. Atsushi Horie” became a smash hit as a club anthem.
In 2014, as a project to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his solo debut, he released “X – best works -”, a collection of produced and remixed works by domestic and international artists that SONPUB has worked with, including Lip Slime, SKY-HI (AAA), Shonan Nofu, Def Tech, Minmi, Zeebra, Mongol800, and Manji Line (Yosuke Kubozuka). In 2015, he started Monster Rion with The BK Sound and toured extensively, releasing a full album “Message” from avex in the summer of 2017.

In 2018, he started a creative project and business “DPYC” using a yacht, which he had been working on for a long time, and released ”Voyager feat. PES, Yo-Sea” in 2021.

Label : PHOENIX PLAYERS (own label) /  avex entertainment / (ex) APE SOUNDS® / (ex) UNIVERSAL MUSIC / etc.




Showed:SXSW US (2009)、BIG BEACH FES (2012)、ULTRA JAPAN (2014 & 2017)、etc.


Support Act:Daft Punk、Kanye West、Lee Perry、Diplo、A-Trak、Lupe Fiasco、Dillon Francis、GTA、Kill The Noise、Milo & Otis、Switch、Breakbot、Krafty Kuts、HoodBoi etc..


Official Remixed:BTS (防弾少年団)、Yellow Claw (Mad Decent)、Duck Sauce (Fool’s Gold)、Fatboy Slim (Skint)、Armand van Helden (Spin).


Released Original Album:
SONPUB -「Phoenix Beats」(2004)、「80 T.O 08 HAHA」(2008)、「Mother Ship」(2013)、「X -best works-」(2014)
Monster Rion -「Message」(2017)